Sex Magic with Luxa Strata

Beyond a doubt, the most listener-requested show up to this point. Seemingly everybody has their own take on Sex Magic. And why not?! For something as personal and important as sex, particularly when applied to a ritual or spell-based context, the topic itself is one that draws fascination as well as controversy. In this wonderful episode of WMiT? we are joined by the always luminous Luxa Strata of Lux Occult Podcast to hash out as much as possible our understandings of Sex Magic as we can! You asked for it.

My Guest for this episode is Luxa Strata! Luxa has been an absolute Titan of Podcasting; the amount of work they produce puts someone like me to shame. If you have yet to listen to Lux Occult podcast, it is without a doubt one of the finest Occult and Magic Podcasts out there! Luxa is also the founder of the Green Mushroom Project– an ongoing Hyphosigil. Check out Luxa’s other podcasts Ad Hoc History as well as Smut’s Up! To find Lux Occult Podcast, click below!

Show Notes

Correction – Jack Parsons was instrumental in creation of solid-state fuel, not Liquid based fuel. Got them mixed up on my end.

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