Guest Appearance on Spirit Box Podcast

It happened! One of my favourite Podcasts out there right now- Spirit Box, helmed by the inimitable Darragh Mason– asked if I’d like to be on the show. Darragh put to me such amazing questions and I find that as far as podcast appearances, this one was perhaps the most personal. We cover so many things but much of it revolves around Finding your way! Darragh is such a fantastic fellow, and since being informed of his work from Aidan Wachter, it has become one of my must-listen Podcasts. I wish that I had this podcast available 15 years ago. Each and every show is such a delight, and sometimes downright mind-blowing.

Darragh has a Patreon for Spirit Box Podcast, and I am a very proud member! It is well worth it and the work that Darragh does on each and every show is exemplary. If you listen and enjoy, please consider joining the Patreon– it is a blessed thing!

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