Self-Transformation with Darragh Mason

Many people that approach Magic for the first time are doing so because they believe that Magic has the ability to change them, usually for the better. Self-Transformation has been both a part as well as an ambition for a vast amount of us, but how exactly does one go about it? Most of us feel stuck somehow, that there are things about us that we’d like to change. Can Magic help with this, or does turning to Magic for something transformative in a way miss the point? Joining in this discussion is the Host of Spirit Box Podcast, the always luminous Darragh Mason.

Darragh Mason is a Photographer, Writer, Occultist, and itinerant soul. He is the co-creator of The Sigil Engine which is just a ridiculously cool slice of technological sorcery and certainly worth a whirl. The Podcast that Darragh hosts- Spirit Box – is by far one of my favourite Podcasts around right now. It is a podcast that I have to stop what I am doing and really listen just to take in everything that is being shared. Without a doubt, I am a proud Patreon supporter of The Spirit Box. For all that Darragh gets up to, click the picture below.

Show Notes

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