The Kybalion with Nicholas Chapel

One of the most popular and purchased Occult Books of the last 100 years, perhaps the most purchased Occult book ever- is The Kybalion. Purported to be the work of the Three Initiates and the transcendent knowledge of the sage of Hermeticism Hermes Trismegistus, the Kybalion is a text that for many has been their introduction into the world of the unknown and Occult. But is the Kybalion all that is says it is? Are there things about this text that need to be considered before and after one reads it? On this Episode of WMiT? we are joined by Nicholas Chapel, someone who has looked much much deeper at the Kybalion than most dare to.

My Guest for this episode is Nicholas Chapel. Nick has been a ceremonial magician for more than 20 years, is a blogger and also a Hacker! The Essay he wrote about the Kybalion back in 2013 is single-handedly the reason that there has been a reassessment of The Kybalion since his essay was published. Nick also Blogs about the intersections of Magic, Culture and Spirituality at Hermeticulture. Click to pic to read more from Nick!

Show Notes

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