Hoodoo with Tayannah Lee McQuillar

Hoodoo is a name given (somewhat unwillingly) to a culture, tradition and inheritance that arose due to a very special circumstance. This was the intersection of Indigenous, African and European culture and beliefs that occurred in South Eastern America. There are many things which arose out of this circumstance such as a Botanical knowledge of the areas in which these peoples found themselves, a special kind of spirituality, and much much more. There are many concepts of Hoodoo which require closer investigation, and joining WMiT? to help in this regard is Author, Rootworker and creator of The Hoodoo Tarot- Tayannah Lee McQuillar!

My guest for this episode is Tayannah Lee McQuillar! Tayannah is a Tarot Consultant, Author, Rootworker, cultural anthropologist and scholar of history of religion, mysticism and the esoteric. She is the Author of Rootwork– the first contemporary practical guide of Hoodoo, as well as the creator of The Hoodoo Tarot, which is a staggeringly beautiful Tarot Deck. Tayannah can be found on Facebook, but her Instagram Account remains one of the greatest treasures on that app/site. Please give a follow on Instagram or click the link below!

Show Notes

Huge thanks to Chiron Armand for his Guidance and Help always

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