Say the word Goetia and what comes to mind for many a magician is the summoning of Demons from the pits of hell. Yet many magicians are unaware from where the word Goetia came from but also what Goetia actually was. In this Episode of WMiT?, we go through the origins of Goetia as an ancient Greek tributary funeral practice, how the meaning of Goetia changed in the Renaissance and to the document that most people know the word from- The Ars Goetia, a very unique Grimoire. You’ve been summoned.

My Guest for this episode is Tom McArthur. Tom is a Gardnarian Witch as well as a Classicist who also has a passion for the Greek Magical Papyri. He writes on his blog Crosscountry Witchcraft, which has some wonderful writings there. He has appeared a few times on Seeking Witchcraft Podcast as well so check them both out! He can be found lurking of Twitter as well, always sharing some amazing insights!

Show Notes

The Only Books You Need to Get Going

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