How to Start Doing Magic

Over the last 2 years, the one question I get asked more than any other single question from listeners is “How do I get started doing Magic?” To start the year off right, I would like to provide a few insights and perhaps some inspiration which hopefully should help one enter the temple of Magic with ease. Pull up a chair and lend an ear, I’m about to share a few things.

Show Notes

9 thoughts on “How to Start Doing Magic

  1. Great podcast. I’ve been dabling for nearly 20 years and have been an armchair magician. Recently though I’ve decided to get out of the Armchair and start walking the talk.

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  2. Haven’t listened for a few months – newborn baby and work lol – and just had a coworker ask me how to do magic (I’m open about my own practice to coworkers). Immediately went here, and lo and behold, ‘how to start’ is the first thing that catches my eye. 10/10 best synchronicity ever.

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