Powwow with Jason David & Robert Phoenix

The movement of people from the German speaking areas of Europe to the Americas brought many things. In Pennsylvania, many new customs and traditions formed, including a sort of Folk Magic. Taking its name from a specific American Grimoire, Powwow also known as Braucherei became hugely popular amongst the Pennsylvania Dutch. Taking us through all of the aspects of Powwow are two Powwowers, Jason David, and Robert Matthew Phoenix the Powwow Guy!

Robert Matthew Phoenix, the Powwow Guy since 2010, has done countless lectures and interviews about Pennsylvania Dutch Powwow. He is a Hexenmeister and faith healer who has set up the Website The Powwow Guy which stands to be The Greatest Resource for learning about Powwow you will find online. His YouTube Channel is a fantastic tour of all things Powwow as well. Head to the Powwow Guy for this treasure.

Show Notes

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