Intelligence of the Heart with Aaron Cheak

Through the ages, many branches of esoteric thought have spoken of a Perennial Philosophy; an original wisdom from which all wisdom comes. For many, Ancient Egypt was seen as the place where a certain current and way of being with the world manifested itself to accomplish great things. One early 20th century Alchemist, René Schwaller de Lubicz thought that he knew what this was. After having spent years in Egypt and looking at their ancient structures and symbols, felt that he understood that the Ancient Egyptians saw and thought with the world in a very different way; that they saw into the inside of everything- An Intelligence of the Heart. Joining WMiT? to talk about it is the scholar of esotericism, Aaron Cheak PhD!

Aaron Cheak PhD a scholar of comparative religion, philosophy, and esotericism. Former president of the International Jean Gebser Society, he received his doctorate in Religious Studies from the University of Queensland in 2011 for his work on French Hermetic philosopher, René Schwaller de Lubicz. He presently runs Rubedo Press, an absolute font of Alchemical and Esoteric works! For all that Aaron gets up to, click the pic!

Show Notes

Huge Thanks to Michael Lux on helping facilitate this episode and make it happen!

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