The Ever Evolving Consciousness of Gary Lachman

There is no other author whose works have been brought up both on the show, and in the show notes more than Gary Lachman. Gary has stated that his work is about the Evolution of Consciousness and many of the concepts and figures which he writes about should be familiar to every ardent listener of What Magic is This? In this episode, I would love to introduce to you, the person whose books are some of my favourite ever written- the one and only Gary Lachman!

My Guest for this episode is Gary Lachman, who is one of two authors that I have basically read every book that they’ve written. Gary has been incredibly active in spreading some of the finest esoteric ideas there are, as well as writing about many figures who deserve a look. Gary’s newest book Dreaming Ahead of Time: Experiences with Precognitive Dreams, Synchronicity and Coincidence is wonderful so be sure to grab a copy. All that Gary gets up to can be found on his website which you can get to by clicking the pic below!

Show Notes

  • If Consciousness is Evolving, Why aren’t Things Getting Better?
  • Gary has a series of Lectures about Esotericism and the Evolution of Consciousness. When people ask me for recommendations for Esoteric and/or Occult Thought as opposed to Practical Magic, these Videos are where I point them. Must WatchPart I – Part II – Part III – I mean it, these are must watch videos and the directions that one can head from here are amazing. Chuck out your copies of The Secret Teachings of All Ages, this is the actual Esoteric History of the Western world.
  • Gary Also has a wonderful Three Part Presentation on A Secret History of ConsciousnessPart IPart IIPart II
  • Gary’s fantastic Presentation on The Lost Knowledge of the Imagination

7 Books by Gary that Every Listener of What Magic is This? Should Read

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