Plants, Trees & Herbs with Corinne Boyer

The image of a witch or a warlock creeping through a dark forest collecting herbs, leaves and branches and stuffing them in a pouch is one that we are all familiar with. And with good reason! Materia Magica from Plants, Trees and Herbs strike to the core of magical practice. For some, it is the very path to how they navigate the world of magic as it involves knowledge, practicality, and lore in near equal measure. And to tell us all about it, is one who has explored it more than most- the one and only Corinne Boyer!

My guest is a folk herbalist and teacher, as well as the author of several books such as Plants of the Devil, Under the Witching Tree, Under the Bramble Arch, The Witch’s Cabinet and Dream Divination Plants. She specialises in plant lore and history as well as Folk medicine and traditional Magic. For all that Corinne gets up to, click the Link below!

Show Notes

There are many many books dedicated to Plants, the magical uses of plants, how to create many materials from plants, etc. For the most part they are pretty standard and usually very similar to each other. I can only speak to the books that I think are the cream of the crop, which are these-

But more important than any book or resource that one can find online, is heading out and about to learn more about the Plants, Trees and Herbs where you live now. Start the journey on your own, it will be beyond magnificent and worth every effort.

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