Geomancy with Alexander Cummins

A form of divination which was immensely popular throughout Europe and Africa for centuries, but is little used these days is Geomancy. Practiced and utilized by all social classes, Geomancy was consulted for its clarity as well as it being so flexible in how one can undertake a reading. Stones, the dirt, dice, coins and even beans were used to cast for 16 unique figures, each with its own idiosyncratic meaning. In an effort to spread the glory of this now somewhat forgotten art, is the Cunning Geomancer Dr. Alexander Cummins!

Dr. Alexander Cummins is a practicing as well as Consulting Magician– truly a Cunning Man of the 21st Century. He most recently published The Art of Cyprian’s Mirror of Four Kings: An Early Modern Experiment of Cyprianic Conjuration, a short but extremely illuminating guidebook. He is co-host of a Magic Podcast Radio Free Golgotha with Jesse Hathaway Diaz, and also a founder of one of the only Facebook groups worth Joining – Folk Necromancy. His online courses are beyond exceptional. To Subscribe to his newsletter and see what the good Doctor is up to, have a click on the pic!

Dr. Cummins’ also has a book coming called Nazarth: Pillars of Gladness or, A Geomancer’s Angelical Psalter of Calls, containing vessels 19 with which to water the Earth. Combining his vast knowledge of Geomancy with the Angelic language called Enochian. It looks to be an absolute treasure of a book!


(Save it – Print it – Use it!)

This is the Real Deal, here. Dr. Cummins’ GEOMANCY FOUNDATION COURSE. If you wish to get a firm grasp on how to use the Oracle that is Geomancy, accept no substitute.

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