The History of Tarot

Many of those who practice Magic and Divination or are just curious about it, will have a deck of Tarot Cards. And yet, most of them have no idea as to how the Tarot cards became something that is to this day one of the most popular forms of divination. On this episode of WMiT? we will be diving into what I consider to be the most interesting aspect of Tarot, which is the history of the cards themselves. Along the way we will explore where they came from, some of the historic decks we still have, as well as a few myths that have accrued around Tarot itself!

Show Notes

5 thoughts on “The History of Tarot

  1. Hi! I’m doing a research paper on the history of tarot and the depiction of the gender binary within both tarot and pagan spaces, would you mind terribly if I used both your sources and this podcast episode in my research work? Please let me know! Excited to listen to this episode.

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