Christianity & Magic with Rev. Michael Lux

To many the words “Christianity” and “Magic” should be like oil and water. For most Christians, the Occult is strictly forbidden; a dalliance with the dark forces of Satan. For Occultists, Christianity is the great adversary; always seeking to destroy and do away with those who use Magic of any form. Yet these dichotomies are somewhat new and it has not always been so easy to seperate. Much of the nuance has been lost, but luckily over the last 15 years, many of those into Magic and Witchcraft have begun the process of reexamining these complex ideas. Joining this episode is Christian Magician and renegade catholic cleric Reverend Michael Lux.

My Guest for this episode is an ordained renegade catholic clergy affiliated with the Church of Light and Shadow, has been involved in Ceremonial Magic and Spiritism for 20 years. No stranger to Magical and Philosophical strangeness; Michael walks the walk. He is also a juggernaut on Twitter, producing some of the greatest Magical memes. His blog Necromantic Matters is always insightful and a treasure for those who would dabble with the intersections of Magic and Christianity. Clicking below shall bring you to his brand new Patreon Page where you can get access to exclusive posts as well as a Tarot Reading every month!

Show Notes

6 thoughts on “Christianity & Magic with Rev. Michael Lux

  1. A brilliant podcast. Such an informative discussion of the role of Christianity in the western mystery and occult tradition. I absolutely want to know more and would like to move my magic practices in this direction.

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  2. This podcast should be on this list of of the top 5 podcast for occult and history podcast very informative well done and the guest are excellent DOUG keep the good work up !!!

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