Coincidence & Synchronicity

Coincidences are everywhere. But they are certainly a double-edged sword. For some they show that the universe is more connected and has the best intentions in store for us. For others, the word is used as a weapon to discount and dispel many paranormal or supernatural phenomena. But what happens when that coincidence goes into overdrive and something so seemingly profound and unknowingly meaningful unfolds before you? That would make it a synchronicity. On this episode of What Magic is This? I am joined by my skeptical guest Conor for a great discussion involving these two somewhat common concepts, which goes in a direction that hopefully you the listener, didn’t see coming.

Show Notes

2 thoughts on “Coincidence & Synchronicity

  1. Thanks for the link to my Blog. It might be a synchronicity that just yesterday I sent off an article called ‘Synchronicity & the Daemon: A Key to Magic?’ . . . Indeed, what magic is this?!

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    1. Whoa! Thank you so much David!
      Have to admit, I’ve been a fan of your site for a while! Your book should be arriving sometime here in Canada in the next two weeks and I look forward to reading it immeasurably! Keep up the great work!

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