Robert Anton Wilson

Back to the Fools Gallery! Our second resident is none other than the great Robert Anton Wilson. Writer, itinerant lecturer and all around swell guy. Bob certainly left quite a legacy and the impact of his 1977 autobiography Cosmic Trigger solidified its place as one of the greatest books in the pantheon of weird literature. If you want to get started in Magic and the Occult, you have to get to grips with Robert Anton Wilson and his ideas. Adam joins me for a smashing discussion and he really hits it out of the park with his answer to the Post-Show Quid Pro Quo. 

Show Notes

One thought on “Robert Anton Wilson

  1. Aside from some strong disagreements with The Podcaster (I Love Illuminatus! for the head trip that it is (lol), and although I’m not a Prometheus Rising fanboy (I prefer Moore and Williams’s Promethea for this particular kind of project) I do find it full of awesome nuggets (the thinker and the prover) and food for thought (“we’re giants raised by midgets walking in perpetual mental crouch)”), I find this episode to be pretty lightweight. A lack of preparation perhaps, and (grand weakness of the podcast in general) once again a guest with no seeming desire or ability to push back on The Podcaster , leaving us with a series of Authority-takes alternating with gushing FANerisms. Pity, I enjoyed the Jung episode, although maybe cos I don’t know so much about Jung as I do about Wilson.


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