Soul Flight & Astral Projection

Soul Flight, Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Etheric Travel, maybe even Remote Viewing and Bilocation. A lot of terms for something that is very fundamental to Magic. Is something really going on- are people visiting other places, worlds, stars and planets, while their ‘real’ body is safe somewhere else? Or are they just using their imagination? Then again, what is real? What is imaginary? My guest Camille joins me for a splendid discussion which delves into what it is, a bit of history, some people that were adept at it, and some tips to get you on the right foot (astral or otherwise) so you can start to get ‘out there.’ A tonne of great information to evoke from this episode, with a little bit of Canadiana thrown in.  

Show Notes

*Small note- I was wracking my brain as to what picture to use for this episode. Most images of Astral Projection are pretty terrible (trust me and Google it). I was thinking of Chinese floating lanterns or that kind of thing. Frustrated, I stepped onto my patio to get a bit of fresh air. Laying on the wooden planks which make up my patio was a pair of wings from a bird, killed by a predator overnight no doubt. Just the wings, no head, no tail feathers, no legs. It was nearly perfect; I had my picture given to me. But upon further consideration, I thought it best not to use this image as the bird was, as all animals are, a Non-Human Person that had just passed on. So a bit of respect was needed on my part, as tantalizing as it was. With that, I restrained from going that direction and found a painting from Lawren Harris’ abstract mystical period , seeing as how Camille and I had talked about him during the episode. But those wings…

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