The Imagination

Perhaps the greatest gift that we possess in the world is our Imagination. Without it, we would not have our greatest works of literature, paintings, music, film, even scientific breakthroughs. But science and the materialist worldview has few means to explain what the Imagination is. We know it is a ‘thing’ that gives us ‘things’ to help us and move us. On this episode of What Magic is This? I am joined by Caroline to merely scratch the surface of the Imaginal realm, perhaps my favourite place in this world or any other world. 

Note- The audio quality of this episode is atrocious. I’m still new to the recording process, but this is unforgivable. I will never let it get this bad ever again. Thank you for your understanding …and! I somewhat butchered the details of Bicameralism and Julian Jaynes’ work. This will be rectified in the next episode. – Douglas

Show Notes

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