After Astrology, the second most popular form of divination is Cartomancy. For over 500 years, we have turned to cards to show us how things were, are and what might be. Cards used include the Tarot, Oracle Cards, Lenormand Cards, and good ol’ fashioned Playing Cards. But how did this come about? More importantly, how do you do it? In this episode of WMiT? Doug breaks it down, with the assistance of a good friend, Brad. The cards tell stories to those willing to see them and one hopes by the end of this episode, that’s everyone.

Special Thanks to Andrew McGregor for contributing his perspective on Cartomancy! Andrew owns Canada’s premier Tarot Shoppe The Hermit’s Lamp situated in Toronto. Head there for some delightful decks, a stellar Podcast and even a Free Tarot eBook!

Show Notes

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