The Tarot with Camelia Elias

You enter a darkened room. There’s beautiful artwork on the walls, many books, and the place is absolutely filled with decks of cards of all kinds. A single figure sits there, shuffling a small deck of cards as you yourself sit down facing them. You have a question and are looking for answers- The question is “What is the Tarot?” And you will be given the answer by one who knows more than most about these strange and wonderful cards- Dr. Camelia Elias.

My guest on this unique episode is none other than Camelia Elias! Camelia is a Tarot reader, scholar, teacher and author. Her work with the Tarot is second to none, and her book Marseille Tarot: Towards The Art of Reading is pretty much my favourite book on how to read cards. Period. You can find Camelia on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Her Website has many directions in which to head, including offering courses on how to read the Tarot at her Aradia Academy. Click the Pic below to head to Camelia’s Linktree for all things Camelia!

Show Notes

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