Emanuel Swedenborg

For a time, Emanuel Swedenborg was a name that many in Europe and America were familiar with. These days, very few have even heard the name and those who have, the words ‘Madness’ or ‘Liar’ are not behind. Called by Ralph Waldo Emerson ‘A Mastodon of Literature’ the work and life of Swedenborg are indeed extraordinary. From his odd inventions, Life philosophy and his mystical experiences, there is much to learn from ‘The Scandinavian Da Vinci.’ So we head back to the Fools Gallery, to explore and introduce a figure that Doug feels should get a bit more recognition within the Occult than what he currently has.

My guest on this Episode was Lance Baker. Lance has a Clinic for Energy Healing, Hypnosis and much much more in Newcastle Australia, called Branches of Healing. A born healer, Lance has much to offer those who are suffering Physical and emotional pain. He also has his own Podcast Akasha Talks with Lance Baker where he talks with many interesting figures! Have a gander and give some support to Lance by clicking the Links Below!

Show Notes

Lance Teaches how to Breathe like Swedenborg. Square Breathing and Extended Breath should be in every Magician’s arsenal. Sadly, I can confirm that Lance no longer has as majestic of a beard as when this was Recorded.

4 thoughts on “Emanuel Swedenborg

  1. Another interesting and enlightening episode about someone I hadn’t heard of before today; although parts of Emanual Swedenborg’s story sounded familiar like he had been referenced in Uni studies from 30 years ago but I had forgotten until today!
    Love the question Lance put to you Douglas…very interested in any further learning opportunities / patronage of What Magic Is This? (dont answer that..)


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