The Shams al-Ma’arif with Amina Inloes & J.M. Hamade

For many, the most influential and austere Grimoire of Magic from the Islamicate world is the Shams al-Ma’arif or the Sun of Knowledge. Inside this notorious book are many Magic Squares which combine words and numbers which are believed to be the only true way to communicate with Angels and spiritual entities called Jinn. A book that has been held in high regard by many, up to this point it has not been translated into English- Until now. Joining WMiT? is the team that undertook the task- Scholar Amina Inloes and Artist J.M. Hamade.

The forthcoming English translation of the Shams al-Ma’arif was translated by Amina Inloes. Amina is is an Islamic theologian and academic with a PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Exeter, with a special interest in esoteric theology and the uncanny. She is the author of Women in Shi‘ism: Ancient Stories, Modern Ideologies and Amina can be found on Twitter by clicking the link below! 

J.M. Hamade is a talismanic artist, florist, diviner, writer, and educator. Specializing in various traditions of ‘Image Magic,’ with a focus on astrology, star lore, and talismanic craftsmanship, his work seeks to bridge contemporary aesthetics with time tested magical techniques rooted in astrological magic. J.M. can be found curating the Instagram account Arabic Magic which can be accessed by clicking the link below!

Show Notes

A Sham’s ج / Pleiades Talisman from the upcoming book
©J.M. Hamade

4 thoughts on “The Shams al-Ma’arif with Amina Inloes & J.M. Hamade

  1. It’s no surprise by now that I love your show, Doug, and I must say, THIS was such a fantastic interview. I think Amina may also be one of the coolest people I’ve listened to in some time. What a treasure of a human. And now, I will take full advantage of your outstanding show notes and rabbit hole for as long as the evening will allow. H.

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  2. Hello ,I discover the site, I would like to know if the book of doctor Imane inloe entitled Shams el maarif is edited in full
    and will there be a pdf format?
    Thank you for your reply

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