The Occult Influences on Mormonism with Nick Literski

Mormonism is an American Religious tradition that started in the early 19th century by one single figure, Joseph Smith. To followers he is considered a prophet and a seer; one who received many revelations in his life which are all part of what makes Mormonism what it is today. Yet, through the years many have taken a closer look at what occurred with Joseph Smith initially at the birth of Mormonism, and have noticed many Occult as well as Masonic Influences. Going through it all, WMiT? is joined by Scholar, Author and Spiritual guide Dr. Nick Literski.

Dr. Nicholas Literski is an adjunct lecturer at the California Institute of Integral Studies, a Jungian scholar, and a professional spiritual guide. In 2001, Nick became the first Master Mason raised in Hancock County after the 1840s Mormon exodus, going on to receive the Royal Arch, Cryptic, and Knight Templar degrees within the York, as well as the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite. They are one of the authors of Method Infinite: Freemasonry and the Mormon Restoration which will be released in August 2022. Nick also provides Spiritual Coaching and workshops for those in need at their website Dancing Ancestors! For all that Dr. Literski gets up to- click the pic!

Show Notes

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