An Introduction to Solomonic Magic with Alexander Eth of Glitch Bottle Podcast

When all is said and done, the Western Magical Tradition seems to have one clear and definable feature- it has mainly been about attempting to solicit the aid of spiritual creatures or entities for all manner of magical ends. There is no better encapsulation of this than what is called Solomonic Magic. Guided by grimoires or magic books, the techniques and protocols of Solomonic Magic are fairly specific but require elucidation none the less. Helping introduce us to the history as well as taking us through a Solomonic Grimoire to showcase the protocols as well as Solomonic method is the host of the greatest podcast about Magic and the Occult in existence- Alexander Eth of Glitch Bottle Podcast!

Alexander Eth is a classical ceremonial magician and researcher into magical texts from the Middle Ages, to the Renaissance and onwards. He is the host of the inestimable podcast Glitch Bottle, where he has had numerous conversations with many Magicians and Occultists of all stripes. Absolutely essential, Glitch Bottle has done a service to Modern Magic which is beyond value and which should be supported via Patreon by every Magician worthy enough to acknowledge what Glitch Bottle has added to our Magical world. Alex can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and one can listen to Glitch Bottle everywhere Podcasts are found.

As mentioned in the show, this is only an introductory episode on Solomonic Magic. Alex will be back on WMiT? to hash out more on Solomonic Magic very soon! If you can’t wait to hear more about Solomonic Magic, be sure to listen to many Glitch Bottle episodes, particularly those involving the invaluable Dr. Stephen Skinner, who is the absolute authority on this austere and amazing form of Magic.

Show Notes

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